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Sollya heterophylla & red spider mite.

My bluebell creeper had a nasty infestation of red spider mite last year.
It's come back well, but I'm still finding a few on it.
I gave it a good dousing of Provado ultimate bug killer (which worked wonders on my Brugmansia & Erythrina) sunday. I took it out today & sprayed it off with clean water at 30 psi pressure & at the moment I can't see any.
If I have too as a last resort I'll just have to cut it back, but before I do, I was wondering if anyone has any other good tips?
I'm tempted to leave it outside for a few nights too at the moment.

On plant Sollya heterophylla



Don't leave it outside. Red Spiders don't like water. Spray when it's warm weather. If you can damp down inside do so. A tray of water will keep up the moisture in the air.

6 Apr, 2010


Just bought it back indoors Doctorbob1!

6 Apr, 2010


Let's hope you get less this year, be aware of the problem when it first appears, spray, spray with water only.

6 Apr, 2010

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