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Whats eating my rose

Pest county, near Budapest, Hungary Hu

The leaves of a new climbing rose planted in May have got big bite holes on the edges. I havn't spotted any bugs or larvae. What can it be and is there anything I need to do.




i reckon it's the leaf-cutting bees at it in Hungary. They make their nests from the pieces, apparently!

22 Jun, 2008


Chris - Connielarayne asked similar question the other day go to her page and you ll see leaves like yours.

22 Jun, 2008


Wow Chris,
I hope that isn't just one bite on each leaf because I would hate to see the size of the critter that did it. Yikes!

23 Jun, 2008


Yes! That is leaf cutting bee's I had them in an old tree tunk and watched them eating my leaves but its nice to know that they will be pollenating a lot of your other plants.
Have a look round your garden for any old tree stumps lat are laying down you may see them at work bringing the leaf cutting back to the holes in the stump I sat and watched them for ages also took photo's, I will try and look on my backup for them.
Jackie x

23 Jun, 2008


Thanks for all your info. I'm happy that my rose is supporting bees who are good pollinators. Do they Like Acers as well? My Acer Ginnala has a similar problem!

23 Jun, 2008

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