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How to I plant on seedlings



What kind of seedlings and what are they growing in just now ?

7 Apr, 2010


I'm wondering exactly what you mean, but assume you want to move them from the seed tray where you planted them. Prepare some small pots (3") with damp compost in them, make sure that the seed tray is also damp, then gently take out a small clump of the seedlings, with a seed label or something like that. Tease them out gently without touching the stems - only by the leaves, and make a hole in the compost of each pot. Put one seedling per pot in, and carry on with the other seedlings!

Pot them on a size once they've grown bigger, or harden them off and plant outdoors once the frosts have finished.

Just in case you don't understand 'hardening off' - it means taking them outside for the daytime in good weather and back into the g'house over night, just for a couple of weeks before they're planted outside.

I hope all that answers your question!

7 Apr, 2010

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