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Holiday watering


By Tinaa

United Kingdom Gb

Going away for 10 days and no one to water my 3 tomato plants in my mini greenhouse. They are in a growbag. Any ideas



The simplest answer is to recruit a reliable friend to pop in and water them (oh, you said there's no-one :( )

Otherwise it's elaborate arrangements of slow-release pipes or wicking strips of felt.

23 Jun, 2008


You get a auto watering system - and pipe it in - not expensive but takes time to set up - another method is to hang a water container up fill with water and secure a drip feed to the end of a pipe - i use this method for my watermelons

23 Jun, 2008


do ineed to water pots in winter?

19 Oct, 2008


do i need to water pots in winter ?

19 Oct, 2008

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