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Any suggestions for perennials in shade by water?
We have a three or four metre wide track about 80m long between a large pond and a river. Along the pondside are a lot of large poplars which cast shade in the summer months and also take moisture out of the soil though established plants can probably get their roots down to the water level. The soil is a peaty black type though surrounding ground is limey clay, so water is hard. It was full of brambles we have cleared. I'm trying to naturalise perennials along the pondside. So far day lilies seem happy, as are aquilegias. Cannas wouldn't flower and have died. A gunnera is doing ok in a light area. Ligularias are surviving ok. A small epimedium has made it through the winter though hostas have vanished. Anything we plant has to compete with surrounding reeds which keep coming up (though we cut these back around the plants as often as possible) as well as nettles and other weeds. Does anyone have any ideas what else might survive in this fairly difficult setting of dry shade but damp in winter? Would like some more interesting things later in the season.



what about some of the larger ferns BF? there are some stunning ones.

7 Apr, 2010


I thought my hostas had "vanished" too BF but I can just about make out a bit of growth, so they may just be a bit behind with the bad weather.

7 Apr, 2010


Dylandog, you are absolutely right! I have been in too much of a rush and today managed to start digging up several plants, not just the hostas, which are just beginning to come up from the base.
Patience is needed at this time of year.

9 Apr, 2010


Yep, patience is a Glad they didn't feel the edge of your spade!

10 Apr, 2010

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