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When to pick baby sweetcorn?


By Alley

my daughter has grown baby sweetcorn and the plants are really healthy but i was'nt sure to pick them when the tops went black as you do for the normal sweetcorn, we took one off last week and it was huge! nothing like the ones in the shops, and when we cooked it it was rock hard. Has anyone had any experiance with these babies and what have we done wrong??????!!!!!!!!

On plant Zea mays



Basically you waited too long. this type of cornn is bred to be pick when the cobs are about 2 to 3 inches long. Once the kernels are fertilised and the cob begins to extend, they are only useful as animal feed.

28 Sep, 2007


Hi Alley,

I have grown sweetcorn this year for the first time. I was told by an allottmenteer friend of mine to pick them when the "beards" turned BROWN. This I did and they were brilliant.

1 Oct, 2007


yeah not exactly black but brown your right walrus , owdboggy and i were talkin about baby sweetcorn,as it was my first time growing them i was treating them the same as normal sweetcorn, but sounds as though they differ as to when to pick them ! as owdboggy says they are only useful as animal feed....... but i'm not sure even animals would like mine they are awful !!!!!! next year i will know though,at least i have normal sweetcorn success.

1 Oct, 2007

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