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I recently moved house and decided to take a 'daphne odorous aureomarginata' with me. It had been purchased as a large plant in spring 2013 and planted in the garden. I did my best to remove it with the rootball intact and placed it in a larger pot. My concern is that the leaves appear to be swept back and not dark green and glossy as described on the plant label. There has been some leaf loss but there is new growth visible. The plant is in a cold conservatory now. When should I plant it in the garden? Thanks



I would have left the pot outdoors all the time so that it can get rained on. Dig a hole in the ground where you intend to plant the daphne and plunge the pot into it now (this will prevent the compost freezing any more than it would if planted), then plant the daphne properly at the end of winter, say March/April time.

29 Jan, 2014

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