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By Moatrat

Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom Gb

When would be the earliest time to hard prune rose bushes.
My garden is about 500 yards from the sea in the north east of England.



Last week of February, but as you're in the North East, probably early to mid March, depending on weather conditions at the time. You have a shorter growing season than the South where you are, so if you leave it too much later to hard prune, the plants may not put on enough growth to produce much flower this year.

29 Jan, 2014


After the harsh frosts. We are 4 miles from the sea in the south West and I leave mine until March - remember that minus ten we had in March a couple of years ago?.

29 Jan, 2014


I've never had any losses doing mine and my customer's roses in mid February as long as a hard frost isn't expected for a day or two.(mid latitude UK)

29 Jan, 2014


I'd concur with Anchorman's comment - I've done 'em with snow on the ground last week of February, melting snow, admittedly, but they were fine.

30 Jan, 2014


Thank you for all your help.
My neighbour is going to NZ in a fortnight until the end of May and she is taking my advice to prune before she ships out.

1 Feb, 2014

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