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I want to grow the Lady Boothby climbing fuchsia over a pergola, which is in a very sunny position. Will it grow well over a pergola ?
Thank you. Jacqueline Rayner.

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Sorry I do not know the answer to this Question. If you click on Your homepage (top right) then on your inbox tab you will find I have sent you a private message.

8 Apr, 2010


It will grow on a pergola I think, but you'll have to keep tying it on . It doesn't have tendrills and it doesn't wind it's stems around. It grows rather tall but may not reach the top of the pergola. I've had it to grow about 7 - 8 feet in the past. It might grow taller

9 Apr, 2010


I havent got it to get much bigger than 7ft

9 Apr, 2010


I think that's the limit. I had it grow over 7 ft against a wall, but on a pergola probably not

9 Apr, 2010


Thank you and I have sent you another pm.

12 Apr, 2010

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