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if you took one of those pointsettas that are grown for xmas i like the pink ones myself ...does anyone think that they would keep their pink leaves or just revert back to original sorry i left the middle bit out!! if you took it to there native habitat like philippines/malayasia where they grow them as hedges do you think they would revert to original if they were allowed to grow big ?



if you keep them going and then treat them to 14hrs dark from september onwards they should repink up. if its pink now it should be pink again.

31 Jan, 2014


however, keeping them going is a real challenge and, cheap as they are, it is easier to view them as a one Christmas only plant.

31 Jan, 2014


Hard to say - some of the newer hybrids have been bred specially to keep their bracts longer, and the newer colours are cultivars - if you planted them outside in, say, Mexico, they may retain their bred characteristics, or may revert.

31 Jan, 2014

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