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What is the growth rate of Ohyllostachys aurea

On plant Phyllostachys aurea



It depends on how large you start it, and what the weather is like. Where I am, a #1 container or new division will make 1/2-1 m tall clump of foliage the first year. The second year it will grow up to 2 m tall, with some new stems coming up about 1/2 m from the original clump. The third year, we can expect stems to 4 m tall, some coming up 2 m from last year's clump. The fourth year on, we usually get new stems to 6 m tall, up to 4 m from last year's outline. Starting larger speeds up the process. A cooler climate, with a shorter growing season, will slow it down, as will growing it in a container.
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12 Apr, 2010

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