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tomatoes and peppers

i have tomatoes and peppers growing that are small plants, suitable for hanging baskets/ patio continers etc. is it still ok to grow these plants on in the garden?



yes as long as you cover them with fleece if the temp drops. Once they start setting fruit feed them once a week

11 Apr, 2010


I'd recommend you don't put them outside for at least another month, as there are likely to be several frosts between now and mid May somewhere like Lincolnshire, and even if there isn't, cold temperatures will simply make your plants sulk, especially the peppers which like very warm temperatures. Fleece would protect them from the worst, but not from several degrees of frost.
If you have somewhere warm and light to keep them indoors they will do far better and be much more advanced for planting out in mid to late May. (So will actually crop earlier)

11 Apr, 2010


thanks guys for your help. they're in the greenhouse at the moment so will keep them in there until around mid- may then transplant them into the garden.

11 Apr, 2010

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