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I have an old Christmas tree growing in my garden, it isnt doing as well as I had hoped, it is in a semi shaded area, if I move it to a more sunny position would it perk up?, anyone done something similar?.



Hi, firstly can I ask how long you have had this tree, secondly, is it the "normal" Christmas tree, Picea abies ?.
If you used it as a Christmas tree indoors this year, ther are a number of possibilities, 1 when it was lifted a number of the roots were cut off to get it into a pot,
2, whilst it was inside did you water it frequently enough to keep it moist, it would need a lot of water in a centrally heated room, and would not have done the tree any favours, 3 have you watered it since planting out.
A lot of trees supposedly growing, are sold every year, that people plant out, some get lucky, a lot don't, Derek.

1 Feb, 2014

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