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at the end of last summer, I waited until my dahlia buds were brown and then opened them out and stored the seeds in an envelope. when would be the best time to plant them in boxes inside. do you just put 1 seed in each pod or several. I am a first time gardener, thank you



Hi, welcome to Go Y, I presume you're refering to bedding dahlia's, as the decorative larger flowered ones are best propagated rom cuttings.
Sow the seed in trays, {if you have the cell type trays, put 2 seeds in each cell, and when they germinate, remove the weaker o the 2} in early spring at 61 deg f, grow them on under glass before hardening them off, and plant out when the risk of frost has passed, Derek.

1 Feb, 2014


If you only have pots it depends what size they are. You might sow them about an inch apart and them move the best ones on to separate pots when they are big enough, discardibng any obviously weka ones. Bear in mind theough that the really vigorous ones are probably the more usual colours!

1 Feb, 2014

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