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Growing Anemone Blanda from corms

West Somerset, England Eng

Has anyone grown Anemone Blanda from corms? Should I soak them before planting? Is it better to grow them in pots and then plant them out as little plants - or to put them straight into the ground? Hope somebody can help with advice please.

On plant Anemone blanda



Just plant them out. Mine have self sown/spread over the years so they must be pretty easy

29 Sep, 2007


No need to soak,better planted in groups, will self seed very quickly and have a habit of appearing where you did not plant them!!!

30 Sep, 2007


Thanks - I'll plant them today. :-)

30 Sep, 2007


Well I hope you have more success than I have ever had. I have planted them off and on, in every possible method over the last 30 years or so and never managed to get one corm to grow. I have them in the garden growing from bought plants, but never from dried corms.

30 Sep, 2007


That's how I've always grown them before, too, Owdboggy, but the corms came in a pack of mixed miniature bulbs. I might as well have a go, nothing ventured as they say! I am going to plant them in my new border...see blog...:-)

30 Sep, 2007


I must be lucky ,I have grown them only from corms, maybe mice like them!!!

1 Oct, 2007


My anemone blanda are growing in an area shaded by a flowering cherry. You might want to give them some shade

1 Oct, 2007


OK. Thanks. I will plant them elsewhere to give them the best chance!

1 Oct, 2007

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