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Hi Friends.
I put a leaf of a Mother-in-Laws tongue in water two years ago, the roots came then the new leaves, it's sure thriving well in water seems a shame to plant it up in soil also I thought they didn't like too much water, is this proving the books all wrong?
Also will it be ok to keep in water seeing it seems to like it that way?

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Wow amazing LE

2 Feb, 2014


i would say carry on, if it has been like that for two years it obviously likes it and it looks like its thriving, i sometimes find following gardening books instructions end up with dead plants but doing it my own way seems to work, i have a peyote cactus and for three years i have watered it once and its fine :)

2 Feb, 2014


You might put a drop or two of liquid fertiliser in the water though from time to time?

2 Feb, 2014


I'm going to get some charcoal to keep the water sweet.
Steragram, good idea about the liquid fertiliser :o))
Also I have a Hoya growing in the water with it & that seems to be doing ok too :o))

3 Feb, 2014


Yeah Catty totally agree about the books - each one is the opinion or experience of the writer. Same with internet advice. Always best to go with personal experience, what works for you etc.
I think most gardeners start out with a book and then build up their own experiences.

3 Feb, 2014


My Master Gardener instructor always said, "You can grow plants in soil or in water, but not often in mud!"

4 Feb, 2014

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