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Recently our council announced that we can no longer put our veg. waste into the compost bin for collection. The only advice was to buy a compost bin from them, which I did. It was delivered yesterday and is so huge that I can't find a place for it in the sunshine. So, I thought I could donate it to the local allotment and get a wormery instead. Does anyone out there use a wormery and specifically, will it be ok sited in a shady but not frosty bin r' recess with little or no direct sunlight on it? The bin recess is on the north east facing side of the house with a 7 foot fence on three sides to hide the bins.



Oh Karen your council!!!!! if they made these changes should have given you a bin, stingy lot!!!! I have 4 wormeries!!!! i personally don't think they work like they are meant to. They are soposed to make compost quite quickly mine have only been emptied once and I have had them forever!!! I would go to wriggywrigglers and buy the new food waste bins that you keep in the kitchen. Sorry I cannot remember what there called. Got up late haven't had my 2nd cup of tea yet LOL. Later I will check my email and send you more info. A compost bin will break down your food waste alot quicker depending on how hot it can get. By the why where is Angus? I have never heard of it. I will PM you later when I find the info. Pauline

13 Apr, 2010


my wormery is in the shade and the worms dont seem to mind. they cant cope with my veg peelings though and often I have to put these in the compost bin. they do produce a lot of liquid which is a good plant food. they also often get fruit flies in them which can be a bit unpleasant

13 Apr, 2010


I'm confused - why do you need to put the compost bin you ordered in the sun? I've never had a compost container in sun, its not something I've ever wanted to look at, so usually they end up in the darkest, most unused and invisible corner of the garden, behind shrubs or something - the contents still turn into compost.

13 Apr, 2010


thanks Bamboo! They do say to site it in the sun but also on soil and my bin recess is not only shady but also concreted!

Great! How can you not have heard of Angus? The county town of Angus is Dundee (historically of course, now it has it's own city council and the Angus council headquarters have been moved to Forfar (which used to be in the county of Forfarshire!- boo!). Angus is the county between Fife and Aberdeenshire and it has the coastal towns of Arbroath, Carnoustie and Montrose, and the inland towns of Forfar, Brechin and Kirriemuire. We also have the beautiful glens of Isla, lethnot, Prosen etc. It has a very rich farming heritage with some of the most productive land in the UK and is famous for it's soft fruit industry amongst other things! Visitors are always welcome!! lol ...and yes, they should have given us bins!

Mageth, thanks for the tip re. peelings - if they don't do peelings I may have to reconsider the compost bin!

13 Apr, 2010


Karen I have heard of Dundee & Fife & Aberdeenshire just not Angus ....But I have now lol I have PM you

13 Apr, 2010


Thanks!! :))

14 Apr, 2010


Thanks to everyone for all your advice. I did visit wriggly wrigglers website and read all their info. Eventually decided on a 'Wormcity' and it is now operational. No worms have escaped so far and hopefully in a few weeks I shall be able to start feeding them my scraps. All the other garden waste can still go into the council green bin so all is hopefully solved! Now I just have to find a home for the huge compost bin which is no use to me at all......I have an idea......

24 Apr, 2010

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