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Hi there,
I have a tree fern and have for the past two years had about 13 long fronds which have looked lovely. This year however as the fronds start to unfurl from the trunk, a sticky gum like substance appears close to the trunk and over a couple of days cuts right through the frond. Only a couple have survived this but are only a foot long and very feeble looking.

Please help?

Regards Donna

On plant Dicksonia antarctica



Not sure what is happening here. Are you making sure it's getting plenty of water?
Is it in a pot?
You say the sticky gum substance appears close to the trunk, is it possible to blast it away with a hose?
Have you got Squirrels, are they being a pain possible chewing at it?
Let me know if you find anything else out as I would be interested to know the real cause.

25 Jun, 2008

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