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What are we all doing in our gardens today?. It is a bit chilly, but the good news is the suns out. What can we plant?



It's cold and wet here! I'm just gonna sit and have a look at some of our Goy'ers lovely garden and plant pics...:o)

13 Apr, 2010


Cleaning out one of the greenhouses. Watching my wife mow the lawns. Possibly potting up some seedlings.

13 Apr, 2010


Bit of a cold wind here but lovely and sunny so start a few seedlings off and a general tidy up, with the dog following me around everywhere!

13 Apr, 2010


Been out earlier and took some pictures and put them up on GOY. Should hang out the washing too. I will tidy up some more patio plant pots that need fresh top soil. Keep on pottering. Bit of a chat to neighbour......thats about it. lovely and sunny here...east side of London, blue sky, the wind is cold in the front garden. Nothing much to garden there as mostly bricked and crazy paved.

13 Apr, 2010


Cookygirl your so lucky to have your dog!!!! everytime I turn round now my MAgic isn't there sob sob. I miss her so much it hurts,Still can't stop crying. Enjoy your gardens everyone

13 Apr, 2010


So sorry Great.

13 Apr, 2010


thanks Dorjac

13 Apr, 2010


just spent age`s squeezed in the greenhouse pricking out lavander seedlings into individual cells - as my daughter (who is no gardener ) sowed the whole packet into a small gravel tray !! well atleast she tried -last year i found her putting plants in her garden sill in the POTS !! wahat you been doin pauline ?

13 Apr, 2010


I have been checking my lavender as well thinking of planting it out soon. I took cutting last year and they've come through the winter in the coldframe well. Oh bless!! your daughter at least she is 'helping' you. I think I have found the plant I am looking for as a memorial to Magic the dog. Guess what its called.....................Camellia Magic Mum perfect!!! What do you think?? Ther's only 1 snag - I have never grown a camellia. My daughter dropped the French beans I was hardening off outside. Soil everywhere. Hope I picked them all up lol Think theres something in the air today my daughter.. your daughtet. Going to garden centre tomorrow. Ive spent a small fortune in the last 3 weeks! oh well who cares. At least im growing veg!!! How old is your daughter?

13 Apr, 2010


camellia magic sounds like a good idea but may be better in a pot to get the soil right and check the position with someone who knows.... in answer to your question my daughter is 24 ... think she might have got the hang of things by now but has never liked getting dirty ! strange !!

14 Apr, 2010


Tell me about it Viv I have twins 26 and a 20 year old. They think gardening is dirty!!!! lol They like the food the garden produces though ha ha Plus they like pretty flowers

15 Apr, 2010

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