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By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

Does anyone know where I can buy an antique cachepot that would hold 3/4 Orchids?



Ebay would be a suggestion or you spend the next few weekends looking round the antique/second hand shops and car boot sales, Scotsgran. Enjoy!

2 Feb, 2014


Bulba I did check ebay but could not see what I wanted.

Guess need to keep looking.

2 Feb, 2014


I'm not looking Bulba but Scotkat have you tried googling Antique cachepots. Here is one site which you might want to check out. Reclamation yards might be a possibility. I take it you are looking for one big pot to put three smaller ones into. It might be easier to just stick with three individual cachepots of the same design then you could have the plants together in a group or separate. Are you looking for china, pottery or metal?

2 Feb, 2014


Thanks Scotsgran

It's really porcelain I would like.

And yes it's to group orchids together.

2 Feb, 2014


I had to google cachepot!
I thought it was a Scottish name for a guzunder :0)

3 Feb, 2014


Wanting an oval deep shape.

Or even squared.

I shall keep looking .

3 Feb, 2014


have you checked out the google address above. There were versions which might be suitable but they don't last long if someone is after them

3 Feb, 2014


Yes I did Sg

3 Feb, 2014


It might be worthwhile checking out some of the Antique auctions websites. The kind that are featured on Antiques Roadshow etc. You might be lucky. Also if you just put the word Cachepot into Google, there are a few companies that sell them.

3 Feb, 2014


Thanks Angie will do I have seen a supplier in Holland.

4 Feb, 2014

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