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Droopy wisteria leaves


By Jaguar

United Kingdom Gb

I brought a new wisteria about 6ft tall with buds on that opened. Planted in garden but has now drooped. Leaves look curled and limp not scorched. Looks like leaves are drying out. Cannot see any reason for this as watered and fed regularly. Any tips welcome please

On plant Wisteria sinensis




There are two things that will kill your wisteria very quickly:
1. The wrong soil.
2. Transplant shock.
Through trial, error and alot of research (not too mention a few wisteria plants!), I have found this to be true...
This plant HATES HATES HATES HATES any kind of CLAY SOIL or soil that has ANY soot in it.
Also you want to put your plant in a good size pot, or keep it in the one you bought it in, and gradually take it outside to plant.
Just think of it as a newborn just getting use to the outside.
Yep-lots of patience and this plant will give you alot of beauty!

1 Aug, 2008

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