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i have planted some beetroot from seed, when will it be ready for pulling.



Beetroot will definitely appreciate a thorough watering if the conditions become dry. This will encourage them to grow quickly and the roots will be more tender and tasty. Luckily enough, little weeding should be required because the foliage of beetroot is dense enough to keep most weeds at bay

Harvesting of globe beetroot can begin around nine weeks after sowing the seed. At this stage the bulbs will be about 2.5cm (1in) in diameter and they will be at their most tender - important for salads. These first pickings should be evenly applied over growing area to give the remaining beetroot good room to grow larger.

Continue to harvest as required until the beetroot reach about 8cm (3in) in diameter. At this point it is best to harvest all the beetroot and store them. If they are left in the ground much longer, they will become woody and not taste so good. Another sign that the roots are ready for harvest is when the foliage starts to go limp.

When harvesting beetroot, especially if they will not be eaten immediately, cut the leaves off about 5cm (2in) above the root. This will keep them fresh longer and prevent them from 'bleeding'. Use a trowel to dig gently under the bulb and gently tease it away from the soil. Avoid damaging the root in order to keep them fresh for long time.

Store the beetroot in boxes (layers separated by sand or peat) in a cool dark place such as the garage or shed. They must kept free of all but a very light frost.

25 Jun, 2008

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