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Fatsia japonica - dropping leaves

West Somerset, England Eng

I have to admit that I don't inspect my Fatsia japonica frequently - it's at the back of the wide border. Yesterday I discovered to my horror that it was dropping leaves from the lower part of the stem. They were yellow. Can anyone tell me why it might do this? It has new healthy growth coming at its base. I have watered and fed it today.

On plant Fatsia japonica




Hi Spritz.
Isn't this pretty normal for Fatsias?? ours certainly used to lose yellowed leaves around now (used to mess the pond up something rotten)but they always grew back.I may be wrong but ours reached 6 ft and was fine .Even evergreens must surely have to renew their leaves sometimes?

25 Jun, 2008


Spritz mine is going through the same as I type. I thought I might have a problem, but like you mine has got new growth top and bottom.
Fingers crossed this is what they do.

25 Jun, 2008


Thank you both SOOO much - I feel a lot happier about it! I hadn't noticed its annual habits in previous years because this year I have re-vamped the border thus exposing the Fatsia to view! I can relax about it now.

25 Jun, 2008


Used to live in a house with large Victorian conservatory.Fatsia so old it had thick branches and needed pruning with a saw over 15 feet high and lost all lower leaves as it grew.Dozens of them forever clearing but amazingly vigorous.

25 Jun, 2008


What will the growth from the base do? Make new stems?

26 Jun, 2008


If the example I had is anything to go by they eventually develop into a tree like shrub off one main stem.This must have been planted when conservatory built as it had thick woody branches.

26 Jun, 2008


I am no expert on this but the fatsia japonica I have had for last 20 years loses leaves regularly and then produces new growth. It almost seems to be the natural way of this plant. It seems to be in mine anyhow.

24 Sep, 2008

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