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has anyone got any top tips for getting rid of scale on a hibiscus? This is definately what is on my hibiscus blue bird and although Im keeping on top of the beasties by regularly knocking them off with a paint brush I wondered if there was any easier method, one web site mentioned vinegar and water spray and another a weak fairy liquid and water solution, I wondered if anyone had used these and if there was an success, I dont want to damage the hibiscus as Iv had it for eight years now and its a well loved plant.

thanks Donna



Actual scale doesn't come off with a paint brush. Are you sure you aren't talking about aphids?

14 Apr, 2010


ah, intersting, maybe not then, these are small chocolate brown and pin head sized.


14 Apr, 2010


If they are like little beads stuck on the new stems and leaf undersides, they are probably aphids. This is good, because they are easier to deal with than scale. The first thing that I would try is a mild dish soap in water, about 2 ml per l of water. If that isn't doing the job, you may have to escalate to a spray containing imidacloprid, if that's available in the UK. If you do need to use that, don't let that cute bunny feast on the leaves! Neem oil is another non-toxic possibility, but it is slow acting.

16 Apr, 2010


thanks for that, will try with the soap first! :)

16 Apr, 2010


If you conclude they are aphids, then a mild insecticide will get you rid of them easily.When you watch closely,aphids can be seen moving.

17 Apr, 2010

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