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Can any of the primrose family take a shade location? If so, what variety? Also do you know of any late in the season bloomers ie middle of May and later? Thanks



Few of the primrose family like full sun so it depends on what you mean by shade. None like deep, dry shade but most are quite happy in light shade in a moist soil.
For later flowering, why not the candelabra primulas, there are several species that flower into June/July in Scotland.

13 Apr, 2010


Thanks so much Bulbaholic. I'm already on google looking them up. I will give some of these a try this summer. Any special kind of candelabra primulas you think I should try?

14 Apr, 2010


All? Just try a few of those that you find attractive. I have just noticed your location, Valerie, but I don't think that this will make any difference to my comments above. If in doubt, buy from a local source and take local advice.

14 Apr, 2010


I don't know what zone you are in but I am in zone 6. The only local nursery near me don't carry anything but early spring blooming primrose. I don't get up
to North Carolina until the first of May so those won't do. I will have to buy online but will thy to watch for the right zone for the plants.

15 Apr, 2010


You see, Valerie, we don't have the zone system in the UK as it is a peculiarly American idea and we cannot draw direct comparisons. You will be buying your on line plants from American sources and I am sure that they all give zone information.

15 Apr, 2010


Thanks so much for your help Mr MB

15 Apr, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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