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By Csarina

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Right....we live on a farm, we have a vegetable garden, can someone suggest how we keep the bunnies out of it????? We have a fence with wire netting which has been dug into the ground and truen out, but last night we founf two having a real hoolie in there......



I think you dig down 2 feet and bend it outwards about 2 feet then cover it over-- maybe even slabs -- then make sure its high enough so that they can't jump over! they burrowed in my garden tubs last year and my poor little busy lizzies went flying.....

13 Apr, 2010


We built a 4'wall Csarina and found they could jump it from a standing start. They used to bask on top of it like a cat. We got a cat.That seemed to work.

13 Apr, 2010


If you live on a farm then a gun licence is readily obtainable. If that sounds too brutal then a cat, as Scotsgran suggests.

13 Apr, 2010


Anyone for rabbit pie ?

13 Apr, 2010


Oh BB poor bunnies!!. What about a metal and wood cage over your veggies. A bit like a rabbit run only metal sides instead of netting

13 Apr, 2010


Thanks for the answers, we have the high wire fence and also wire netting buried in the ground and bent out so they cannot burrow in.

Forget the shot gun, the farmer regularly shoots the rabbits on his lawn!! I hate rabbit pie!! I cannot shoot straight to save my life........

The cages over the veg will only keep the birds off, if the bunnies get in they will burrow under any wire and boy can they burrow. Not sure about the cat, OH does not like them because they s*** in the garden, not the first time he has come out with a hand full when clearing out. We live on a fairly busy road and also there is a lot of traffic on the farm, the piggy lorry comes at leat 3 times a week and just now they are planting spuds, the slurry tanker also goes in and out at various times. I think a cat would use up its 9 lives in a day!!

I think we may have to just accept that we will loose some produce to them, my friend had brought tall containers in an effort to keep the bunnies off her herbs, he husband looked out the kitchen wondow and saw a rabbit on its hind legs eating the chives!!

13 Apr, 2010


~ I think you are just going to have to plant for me five for the rabbits!

13 Apr, 2010


The trouble with that is that rabbits never share!

14 Apr, 2010

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