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How should I care for my new dahlia tubers?
I've just received some dahlia tubers from T&M on a Gardeners' World offer.
They're bare rooted. How should I keep them until I plant them? And when should I plant them?
Many thanks.



if in plastic bag, etc. take them out and put them in some moist (not wet)compost or peat and keep them indoors as it much to cold to put them out yet, they may sprout and start to grow, then if u like you could increase your stock. if so take cut some cutting with a sharp knife when about 3/4 inches and putting them into a pot with sharp sand and cover them with a plastic bag and elastic band, they should root in about 4/6weeks. now u have extra plants

3 Feb, 2014


Thanks for the help!
For "keeping them indoors", would the shed be OK?

4 Feb, 2014

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