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How do I maintain a potted Amaryllis?


By Ned

New York City, United States Us

I received a beautiful Amaryllis plant for the holiday season. The flowers have since died, but I am hoping for them to bloom once again. I live in an apartment and have no garden in which to plant it. How do I best maintain the plant in the pot to ensure it flowers again? And if I care for the plant properly, how long will it take for it to flower?

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Believe it or not, my grandmother always took them out of the soil and stored the bulbs in the back of the refrigerator, once the leaves died down. The bulbs need a period of time spent in the cold to set.

9 Feb, 2007


Let the bulb dry out and the leaves die away store in a cool place re-pot not too large a pot.
It should flower again and after a few seasons will increase the number of blooms and eventually will bloom in the summer.I have one of 15years old which blooms in summer this year it had 18 blooms.

18 Feb, 2007


After the leaves have died back remove the bulb from the soil and allow it to hibernate in a cool dry environment. Replant it around october time in the same pot and it should flower again

15 May, 2007


Hi, amd glad to read all the advice here. I always get gifts of amaryllis for christmas and hated disposing of theme coz I did not know what to do with them. By now I could have had a forest! Will try all your tips now. many thanx

11 Aug, 2007


I have had an amaryllis in a pot for 2 years now, I never take it out. In about October I start giving it very little water for about 8 to 10 weeks and put it in a cool place still in the pot to get it into a dormant state. I keep checking the bulb to see if anything is coming out at the top, when it starts, I change the soil and move it to a bright sunny window. This year the leaves came up and still no flower stem, then one morning checking the pot there was a stem from nothing to about 6 inches high overnight. It seemed in a couple of days the stem grew about 16 inches. Once the bulb opened it took about 3 days for the flowers to open. Now I am enjoying 3 beautiful big red flowers.

4 Mar, 2010


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6 Oct, 2010


Its a good idea to feed it after flowering to build up the bulb for next year before you let it dry off. Otherwise you may just get a nice crop of leaves. Many people let them remain quite dry for the entire summer, and begin to water again when you want it to start into growth. I still have the descendant of one we were given nearly thirty years ago so we must be doing something right - it doesn't always flower but it usually does.

23 Oct, 2011


NYC man

4 Nov, 2016

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