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Woodlice why so many?
Has anyone else realised that there are a lot more woodlice around this year? Why so many? and will they bother my veggies? I think they only eat dead stuff but I have never seen so many before!



I haven't really noticed any here yet,Great,maybe they don't like Yorkshire Lol.
will have to check later under pots etc..and don my gardening shoes instead of my slippers,to dispose of any !!!

15 Apr, 2010


There are loads of them in my garden Bloomer dont know where they all came from, they've all brought their mates.. Cheek lol

15 Apr, 2010


Ah wel they don't do any harm that I am aware of so I wouldn't worry too much Great

15 Apr, 2010


They are actually one of the prime movers in the decomposition of plant material into 'compost' (better humus). They only eat, in normal circumstances rotting vegetation. Only in greenhouses where there is a shortage of food do they attack seedlings. They are in normal numbers a good friend to the gardener.
They may be in larger numbers because the hedgehogs etc are not around yet, there is plenty of dead material after the hard winter, your place is damp. they do need damp conditions to thrive. The answer is simple , ignore them or remove their hiding places or dry everywhere up.

15 Apr, 2010


Owl (is it ok to shorten your name?) I think I will ignore them. I have never seen a hedgehog around here and I have lived here for 18 yrs.

15 Apr, 2010


we have a good selection of them in east yorks. Not noticed more than normal. they will nibble seedlings in the greenhouse as some one has already commented on.

15 Apr, 2010

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