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Is it ok to plant oxeye daisy now even though the ground is soggy? I would appreciate any tips or comments on this plant. They are in a pot at the moment.



I wouldn't plant anything out at this time of year.

4 Feb, 2014


usual planting time is March/April, but I have to say, having already done some digging last week (in between the rain), the worms are busy and weed seeds have germinated already here in West London, so I imagine its a similar situation down there in Devon.

The long range forecast makes no mention of cold weather coming, just more of what we've got, so you could risk it, but frankly, for the sake of 3 weeks or so, I'd wait till March, especially if your description of 'soggy' actually means 'waterlogged'.

4 Feb, 2014


Thankyou both MG and Bamboo. I know you are right because you are both brilliant plantswomen so I'll leave the oxeye daisies for a few weeks. But I had already planted a Dicentra Spectabilis bought from Wilko and so just have to wait and see how it does. I'm so impatient to get going with new ideas. But I am delighting in the snowdrops and crocus just now; how lovely they are after winter gloom. I also have a Daphne by the back door and the scent lifts my spirits no end. Hope you are enjoying your gardens too - of course you are. You are gardeners!

4 Feb, 2014


it is tempting to get out there and behave as if its end of March, but, of course, it isn't. Though these days, any idea of what the weather will do based on history is out the window.

5 Feb, 2014


Lovely to have a daphne - haven't smelled one for years. Enjoy!

7 Feb, 2014


Some of ours are already in flower!

7 Feb, 2014

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