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By Easyman

south, Malta Mt

I would like to thank you for trying to help with your answer but unfortunately my dificulty to cross pollinate busy lizzies is to find the pollen of this particular flower
so that I can transfer it to the female part of an other flower. (I often do this with other flowers like amaryllis, hibiscus,etc. I want to try bust lissies now.Thank you again I really appreciate your help.



they are pollinated by a small beetle. The reproductive parts are enclosed in a 'petal' in the centre of the flower. You would have to be very gentle to open the part up to get at the pollen and stigma.

15 Apr, 2010


Thanks Seaburngirl. I often wondered why my Bizzie Lizzies seldom made seeds. A few years back, during a hot summer, they seeded like mad. The seeds dried up and snapped open with a tiny noise. No plants resulted from this at all. Even Alf's window box Lizzies seeded next door. Saved seeds didn't germinate either. Then I'm no good at getting seeds to produce anything hardly ever.

16 Apr, 2010

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