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I have got some sweetpea seeds, is it too late to set them in the greenhouse.



Although on the late side I shouldn't think it is too late to plant them directly outside, better late than not at all and miss out on them completely! As for in a greenhouse, perhaps someone else can help.

16 Apr, 2010


My dad and me had a little bit of an arguemnet about sweetpeas recently. He said I should soak them overnight, "so that they burst open" I said I always sow straight into the garden. He said I was wrong. Tulsalady26 I don't have a greenhouse so can't comment. But if I were you I would sow them where they are to flower, they will come up when it gets warmer. Everything is delayed in my view due to the weather conditions.

16 Apr, 2010


Just come back from the pound shop they have sweetpeas that have been started off and are about 3inches high. You could buy some

16 Apr, 2010


Well I know that enthusiasts like to sow them in the preceding winter or Jan/Fen/March indoors and probably soak them to start them off. Then they grow them on before planting outside in the spring. The other choice is do sow them outside in the ground, but they might be stolen by birds or mice. So in a way both you and your father are right! :)

16 Apr, 2010


Thankyou all for your replys, i am going to set asap and hope for the best.

16 Apr, 2010

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