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I bought about 2 years ago a dicksonia tree fern, only a very small one that was reduced at a garden centre. Last year it only produced two fronds, and this year I cannot see any new fronds emerging.
I have other ferns in my garden and they are producing new fronds at this time.
I have kept the fern in a pot, and I kept it shelterd under trees through this cold winter. And keep it in a shady area.
Does anybody have any advise? I would be grateful.



If you feel in the top of the trunk and there are some "bumps" that will be the new fronds. Keep the trunk damp at all times and water from the top.....try dissolving a little sugar in the water and hopefully this will encourage the fronds (croziers) to grow. I tried this with mine last year when it was reluctant to grow and within a few weeks....Bingo!!!

16 Apr, 2010


Thank you for your advise.
I have felt, and can't really feel any lumps. I will try the sugar solution and a little patience.

19 Apr, 2010

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