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By Arran

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi can anyone tell me please why all the leafs on my pachira aquatica twisted are dieing ! can it be that i smoke near it ! its only just started to happen since ive moved it, and its lost a lot of leafs, many thanks.



It might have been the move, Arran. Any drastic change in Pachira's environment will cause it to drop its old leaves, and grow new ones more suited to its new home's light and temperature regimes. I would double check the light levels, because this effect is exacerbated by lower light.

IME, smoking isn't good for any plant, though some can take it better than others--it wouldn't surprise me if Pachira turns out to be one of the more sensitive types!

16 Apr, 2010


Thanks for your reply, Ive put it in more direct sun light and yes your right it is growing new shoots, poor thing looks like its just joined the Army and had all its hair shaved off ! , where i had it before was in a corner with light but not as much as it has now , thats why i moved it, and plus ive changed my Fig to that place as my Fig was losing its leafs where it was so thats been moved 4 times and is now happy growing new leafs in the corner where the palm was , God i get one plant happy and then the other complains !! God their like a married couple lol, Thanks again for your reply, fingers crossed it will survive and get stronger,

16 Apr, 2010


Okay, so now I have pictures of houseplants in boot camp in my head, brrrr!!! : D

17 Apr, 2010


Only the naughty ones !!, but look on the bright side its only been moved to another part of my living room and it dosnt have to do a tour of Afghanistan and plus i wont shout at it and make it shout yes Sargent !! or have i just made it worse !! Sorry its my English sense of hummer ! or lack of it !! lol, anyway thanks for putting my mind at ease as i really thought it was going to die, so thanks again, plus it couldn't do the push ups at boot camp as it hasn't that many leafs left !!

17 Apr, 2010

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