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Dyfed, United Kingdom Gb

We recently made jam from some blackcurrants only to find that the fruit contained some teeth breaking large stones. We have never experienced this before with our fruit



YOu sure they were blackcurrants, just blackcurrants, and some stray damsons didn't get in there too?

16 Apr, 2010


No way can you find tooth breaking stones in a blackcurrant... you've got something else in there as well

16 Apr, 2010


possibly sloes from the blackthorn.

16 Apr, 2010


Then the jam is likely to be sour I would have thought... Sloes used to get pricked and put into a bottle of gin to create sloe gin. Now if I understand correctly you freeze the sloes and then thaw them this softens them and you can bung into the gin without pricking!

17 Apr, 2010

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