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Escallonias going Yellow. Can you help me please? I think this is normal issue with Escallonias? 1 mounth a go they were very strong!

On plant Escallonia

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Hi, do you see the related questions next to yours? there is a suggestion as to the cause there.

17 Apr, 2010


Dear Seaburngirl,

Thank you for your answer, in fact I did. I also searched in several other Web Sites.

The weather was indeed all this winter (and first period of Spring) very wet.
But I notice that my Escallonias start turning yellow, during(after) a dry period of just one week of dry weather. During this period I also notice that the new and strong branches become some kind of soft. I realise that maybe the water was short during this short period. I realise this issue for sure, when during last week, the rain started again and the new and strong branches become againg dark green and hard.

I have this Escallonias from almost a year and never realise that they maybe are very sensitive to water.

I still have some doubts regarding what it will be the normal evolution of such a situation. I have 12 big vases with 3 Escallonias each in my terrace and i'll be crazy if they die.

Many thanks

18 Apr, 2010


Hi Escallonia, I have only just noticed you are in Portugal. You may have to set up a watering system for them. as i suspect it is drought that is the main problem for you.

Your planters/vases sound lovely.

18 Apr, 2010


Dear all,
I thank for all your replays.
At this moment I also realize that Escallonias don’t like be potted, after 2 years they simply almost stop growing. I started a project for substitute the Escallonias by Metrosideros.

Kind regards

29 Apr, 2013

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