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I have a Clematis which I think maybe Montana. The Clematis is growing through an apple tree which I am going to remove, also the Clematis has a lot of dead looking woody stem lower down and masses of unruley growth higher up. My question is, how low down can I cut the Clematis without killing it and how soon after it's finished flowering should I cut it?



If its a montana you'll not kill it, i had to move mine and chopped all the growth off and moved it and a year later its really grown!! they grow very fast and soon overcome being moved, its one of the easiest to grow give it a chop back getting rid of all the dead stuff i think you'll find it will recover.

17 Apr, 2010


as Sewingk says they can take hard pruning personally I'd wait until it has finished flowering then do it. Is the apple close to the root of the clematis? or has it just grown through it and the root is further away? Try to avoid damaging the clematis roots when you remove the apple

17 Apr, 2010

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