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By Mazford

hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

is there any way of bringing back to life a dicksonia tree fern..? guttted it didnt produce a single frond last year and so far nothin showing this year either...



May sure you keep it well watered and spray the trunk. Try some sugar dissolved in the water and hopefully this will trigger off growth. Good luck!! Have a look at the GoYpedia page on "tree ferns". You may find some other useful tips.

18 Apr, 2010


take a look inside wear the new fronds come from as that is realy the only part of the plant thats truley alive . there are a few roots just to hold it upright and the trunk is just made up of last years fronds and the ones before that .the plant gets all its goodness through the crown to not though the roots .did you cover it for winter ? if you look inside the crown you will see if its dead or not .

19 Apr, 2010


yes it was covered... both winters... had zero growth last year and I figured it was dead then, but thought i would give it another year... i seem to have had a bad couple of years with my plants, i also lost a red star cordyline that was about 4" tall, good established plant strong trunk... tied the leaves up on that for the winter, and it rotted the crown and is now dead on top, althought i have some babies at the base.... Makes me mad, a mate of mine on the coast has 2 huge tree ferns, does absolutely nothing with them but the come back time after time!! not fair! lol... i will keep goin with the sugar solution, see if i get any results... thank you all!

31 May, 2010


ive lost a couple of cordylines this year yet one about the same size and 2 feet away theres a cordyline same size and age thats fine . in torque excuse my spelling right on the coast there are cordylines that are about 25 feet tall at a guess near the great orme in whales.

31 May, 2010

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