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I have had these three plants given to me, can you please tell me what they are and also where they can be grown for best results

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First one looks a bit like winter jasmine, second one an azalea, third possibly a Pieris, but I am sure someone will tell you with more certainty than me.

18 Apr, 2010


1st Could be winter jasmine or a fancy broom
2nd I would say rhododendron rather than azalea - though they are close cousins
3rd pieris

The 2nd and 3rd need an ericaceous soil or compost and neither will be happy long term in a pot. The rhododendron, in particular, looks to be rather large for the size of pot it is in.

18 Apr, 2010


Thank you for your replies, i have searched gardening mags, and it seems you are both right on 2nd and 3rd plants, however i have been told that the 1st one could be (excuse the spelling) cystisus? which forms yellow flowers?

18 Apr, 2010


cystis is as Mg said a type of broom. i think it could be too. many are yellow flowered. nice presents :o)

18 Apr, 2010

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