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I have bought a large (5') root balled "Pinus cembra."
I was told that it should be planted without removing ANY of the hessian around it. My gardening experience tells me that I should at least peel some away from the sides, to allow lateral root growth. Any thoughts, please.



I suppose the theory is that the hessian will rot but I'd be inclined to remove.

5 Feb, 2014


Hi, agree with Mg, place the tree in the planting hole beore you remove it, that way you won't damage any roots when you move it, Derek.

5 Feb, 2014


Thanks for your opinions - it seems pretty obvious to me that the wrapping should be at least partially removed.
I looked elsewhere on the internet and opinion, even from experts, seemed divided. However, I'll take the esteemed advice of the GOY intelligencia!

5 Feb, 2014


I would want to remove the hessian and I think that Derek's suggestion of having the tree in the planting hole first is sound. Just cut the hessian and peel it back rather than trying to remove it entirely.

5 Feb, 2014

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