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By Andyf

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

i have recently bought and planted a camellia in a pot, the leaves have developed a purple
'stain' could anyone tell me if this is normal as the other camellias in my garden haven't



Where was the plant when you bought it? Under cover or out in the open? If it was under shelter, did you then plant it straight outside, without hardening it off first?

19 Apr, 2010


it was actually in a supermarket and once i bought it i did put it straight outside, without sounding too dramatic, have i damaged the bush in anyway?

19 Apr, 2010


If I were you, I'd bring it back inside, certainly for night time, give it a bit of tlc in the hope it settles back down again. Bear in mind for the future that, when you buy a plant from somewhere like that, it won't be used to being outdoors - that's okay in the middle of summer when its very warm, but not now, so what you should have done was to stand the plant outside during the day for a couple of hours (unless its very warm, when you can leave it out most of the day) and bring it back inside as the day cools by about 4 or 5 pm., then put back out for a longer period the next day, over about 10 days until you've left it out overnight.

19 Apr, 2010


thanks very much Bamboo, I'll take your advice and let you know how I get on. fingers crossed. andyf

19 Apr, 2010


Thinking about it, I'd put it out every morning regardless, just bring it in for nights, and not to a warm room, somewhere cool.

19 Apr, 2010


thanks alot Bamboo, sounds like you know your camellias', (your not alan titchmarsh are you?). again thanks alot. andyf

19 Apr, 2010


No, not Titchmarsh, wrong gender for a start, lol

19 Apr, 2010


are you mrs klein? lol

20 Apr, 2010


I wish, I'd be a lot better off!

20 Apr, 2010

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