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I fear for my Greenhouse this weekend!!

My polycarb ( football) 8*6 greenhouse has been straining to take off for the last couple of days. Only the bolts have stopped it going 100 foot in the air. I live in Porthcawl, South wales about 500 yards from the sea.

According to preliminary weather forecasts the weather on friday/saturday is going to be worse than what we've seen previously.

Around here a 12lb cod got tossed out of the sea onto a golf course and the surge has uncovered two 17-18th century cannons from an unknown wreck.

Oh well-its only money!!



I am sorry for you and everyone else suffering in this awful weather. Could you perhaps tie some hefty rope over the greenhouse and put weights on the end? Shame you can't use the cod!! Stay safe.

5 Feb, 2014


is it possible to take it down? or take out the polycarb sheets so only the supports are exposed.

Hope everything/one stays safe.

5 Feb, 2014


At the risk of offending any religious people on this site, I would do what Cammomile suggested, and use the fish to weight it down - in cod we trust

5 Feb, 2014


Hope you and everyone in your area have a safe weekend and your greenhouse stays in place.

6 Feb, 2014


That flying fish must have been a sight. Thanks for the laugh Andrew.

6 Feb, 2014


andrew i think its all a cod.

6 Feb, 2014


Of dear! Cod help us all ;o)

6 Feb, 2014


A fishy story all round...

6 Feb, 2014


The storm in the original post just about didn't do any damage but this one has.

Even with reinforcement polycarb panels blew out even when I was actually out there trying to stop it.

12 Feb, 2014


But are you ok? stay safe.

12 Feb, 2014


Thanks Seaburn girl and others.

Yes-I'm fine. Thanks for concern.

Last nights storm blew another panel out but luckily Mrs was up for work at 6am so rescued it.

So all in all if that's the end of these storms then it could have been worse for me.

Next door have climbed on their roof to fix their chimney.

And there no roofers!

15 Feb, 2014

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