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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Just wondered if anyone has ever been on any of their courses?
Thinking about trying a couple at my local RHS garden `Harlow Carr`. Has anyone been on the RHS Horticulture course?



I used to teach the RHS Level 2 (formerly 'general') and thought it was a very good grouding in horticulture - it packs an awful lot in in just a year (2 years in some areas) and has 2 exams - so you have to be quite dedicated and willing to put some time in for study and practice. But it is very wide-ranging and gives you a useful qualification. It teaches you much of the science behind plant growth as well as the practicalities of growing, pruning and tending plants. Go for it!

5 Oct, 2007


Do you know if they do these courses online? I know the French probably have an equivalent body to the RHS but my French isn't to that standard yet.

6 Oct, 2007


What level of understanding would you need to do the RHS Level 2- I suppose I would class myself as akeen gardener but just up from a beginner - I would be willing to put the effort in though - do you think it would be suitable for me?

And, sorry "Maple" I`m not sure if the RHS offer courses online, perhaps "Hoya" knows?

6 Oct, 2007


I looked into the RHS 2 qualification, as I want to do a course during the winter months. The syllabus is available via the RHS website - so you can check it out, maple. You can do it via correspondence. I was put off by the content being so theoretical, like a GSCE in Biology! However, another helpful member gave me the website of a Horticultural College who will tailor-make correspondence courses to suit my interests and needs. I've even been able to buy sample lessons! So I intend to 'buy' 12 lessons on varying topics all focussed on flower gardening.(There are also veg and fruit lessons if you want them.included) I'll post details if anyone wants more info.

6 Oct, 2007


Online RHS Certificate in Horticulture is available from a company based in central France at:

28 Sep, 2009

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