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I am hoping to be given (fingers crossed) one of the old heavy white sinks. I was wondering would it be any good as a tiny pond? Was thinking of putting it in my newly dug wildlife area. Can it go in shade? as one corner of this bed doesn't get the sun at all!! Please see my blog wildlife area work gets started. Thanks



Lucky you I do hope you get it, I love mine which I have had for over 20 years.
Yes it could be used as a water feature even in partial shade,but if its under trees it will just fill with debri. You shoudnt use it for fish as it would not be deep enough for them to survive the winter or protect them from prediters. If you put 1 or 2 large stones in it for frogs and nuets to make use of as they may well find it. The other thing you could consider is turning it in to a bog sink? Personally I think its a waste to bury it in soil I would render the outside and leave it fully visable.

19 Apr, 2010


Thanks DRC was thinking of frogs actually and burying up to the lip so that they could get out. Can I put it in full shade no trees around just a 6 foot fence, you can see a picture of where im thinking of putting it on my blog. Wildlife area work gets started; if you'd like to read it.

19 Apr, 2010


It will work in shade as a small pond. You can bury it, the frogs will arrive by themselves - one thing with frogs they like plant cover around a pond and something in it, to hide their coming and goings. I have seen your blog its great to see your progress and hard work,

19 Apr, 2010


thanks again DRC I ache all over need some motivation and some get up and go today! Have arthtitis in my shoulder that is playing up and my broken toe is still throbbing. Feel like I'm falling apart !! But the sun is shinning so thats good, a bit chilly though

20 Apr, 2010


What plants do you suggest DRC? I'm in the mood to go shopping

20 Apr, 2010


Go for aquatic plants already planted in aquatic soil etc. Look at Caltha palustris water buttercup on one side, with perhaps a Blue Flag Iris on the other. I wouldnt worry about the rate of growth of these two as you will be able to thin them out each year if too much? Round the pond look at plants that will compliment your ideas for attracting wildlife. Avoid plants such as Houttuynai cordata chemeleon I spent five years getting rid of this.

20 Apr, 2010


I also have one of these heavy old white sinks that I dug out of the cellar a couple of weeks ago. I want to make it into a small pond for the frogs and things that wander around the garden at times. Somewhere I wrote about it and not getting it to hold water....the old sink plugs were very big and I couldn´t find one down at my local DiY shop, then yesterday my OH came up with the idea just to cut open a very big rubbish bag and line it with that.....she does have some good ideas at times...hihi.
Any way to keep a long story short I went down the garden early this morning and made it...and took some photo´s how I made it, so I will now go and make a blog about it, it might interest somebody.

24 Apr, 2011


Hi Rogi, i didn't get my sink in the end! However I made my tiny pond out of a tin bath!!!! This is my second year of waiting for the frogs to arrive - up until today the only wildlife that has visited my pond is birds and cats. Thought a dragon/damsonfly visited last year, I have an abundance of blanket weed. It looks as though I might have lost my water mint that I was given last year.

I look forward to seeing your blog

25 Apr, 2011

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