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my snakes head fritillary (potted) has just lost it,s flowers and developed seed pods. These are currently green. What is the process now to sow these in a wild flower border. I understand that they are bulbs. Do I have to let them develop into bulbs or can I just sow the pods directly into the soil once they have dried? Will they then self seed and propagate naturally, or should I just buy bulbs and plant those. Many thanks to anyone who can advise me on this lovely plant

On plant Fritillaria meleagris



the pod will go brown and split. the seed is quite papery. You can either sow where you want them or into a good free draining compost. they will germinate easily but wont reach flowering size for about 2-3 years. It is better to buy them in the green [often in reduced sections after they have flowered] and plant where you want them. the dry bulb you buy in the autumn often dont make it as they get too dry in the shop.

19 Apr, 2010

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