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By Waddy

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I have had a potted Azalea for a couple of years and up to now it has thrived and flowered almost continually. However, I've discovered it is now shedding leaves at a rate of knots, to the extent that there are now some branches almost bare. What's gone wrong and can it be saved?

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has it had a 'shock' such as a cold chill/ change of position different light levels etc. They do have a tendency to do this but they usually recover. They don't like being overly wet so that may be a cause to.

I have one that has done this and it is doing fine now. I intend to plant mine in the garden when I can find a space.

6 Feb, 2014


As Seaburn says Waddy, Azaleas are prone to this behaviour. When it happened to mine I think I'd over-watered it, and it had got pot-bound. Hope you can rescue yours.

6 Feb, 2014


Thanks girls. I must admit I've been using one of those 'Globe' watering ornaments, so perhaps it could be too much water.
I'm also wondering if it has become chilled SB. It has been in my conservatory and it's not shall we say, over warm in there.
I've now moved it to a warmer spot and I'll leave it to 'dry out' I'll see how we get on. Also SB, I wasn't aware I could put it in the garden. I have stood mine outside in the summer, but can I plant it out in the garden and leave it there?

6 Feb, 2014


Planting it out in the garden depends on your soil Waddy . . . you probably know they prefer acidic soil (or ericaceous compost), so if you're alkaline/neutral I'm afraid it won't thrive. Mine are in a raised bed with peaty compost, so they're OK :)

6 Feb, 2014


Thanks Sheilabub. Have to own up and say I've not the foggiest idea what kind of soil I have, naught of me I know. However, on the strength of the fact that I have two Camellias, growing in pots outside, which are thriving, I'll try the same with my 'sickly' one, after the frosts have finished.
Just to tempt fate a little more, I've just been to my local GC this afternoon and succumbed to temptation (I can't resist a bargain) and bought another one, from the 'reduced/rescue' bench, for the princely sum of £2...well you'd have to ...wouldn't you?

7 Feb, 2014

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