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We are having problems with a jasmine plant outside our front door which is driving us mad because it is so vigorous - it grows right up and under the gutters, winding itself round the climbing roses so that it is very difficult (and painful) to disentangle. Moreover, while it does have flowers they are buried beneath great growths of foliage so not readily visible. We are loath to simply get rid of it because the foliage is very decorative. Does anyone know of a less adventurous variety that we could replace it with?



Are you sure that this is a Jasmine, Grandadan? All the Jasmine that I am familiar with have straight stems and do not twine. Although they can be 'fairly' vigorous I would be surprised to see them under the gutters and neither would I call the foliage decorative. Do you have a picture that you could attach to your question, Please?

6 Feb, 2014


Our 'winter jasmine' (yellow flowers) also used to get tangled, and was vigorous. We now grow Jasmine 'clotted cream' which does twine but is easier to manage.

6 Feb, 2014


Bulbaholic - fyi, check out Jasmine officinale - that twines around itself and anything else it can grab... and there are several other varieties which also twine.

6 Feb, 2014

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