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Please can someone tell me if I can plant a weeping birch tree in my tiny garden and where I should put it. I hear it is good for wildlife. My garden is 15 m in length 4.5 m wide Thanks



This can get quite wide after a few years so it may fill half the width if you're not careful. With this in mind, I'd plant it to one side on the sunnier side of the garden and not near a path as you won't be able to walk down it eventually! It's only uses for wildlife would be as shelter. If you want someting to feed the birds why not plant a Rowan (mountain ash)?

20 Apr, 2010


If you want a tree for wildlife, choose Sorbus - S. aucuparia gets 25 feet, but will be fine planted right at the end of your garden, away from the house. Otherwise, there's one that gets 12 feet called S. hostii, and there's even one that grows like a column - S. 'Fastigiata', 15feet, narrow and short enough to be put at the back of a border on one side of your garden. Birds love the berries.

20 Apr, 2010

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