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Mums prostrate pine is enormous and she wants to reduce it somehow. It's at least 45 yrs old and about 15' across. Her tree surgeons have said that they often die if pruned. We were wondering if we could take out a few of the longer branches. Any suggestions?



At that diameter I would have serious concerns. I've removed the under branches from younger prostrate conifers but you have to do it very carefully so as not to destroy the shape. Even then, eventually, they had to go.

20 Apr, 2010


Thanks for confirming our thoughts. It's not too much of a problem where it is, mum has plenty of space (unlike me with my pocket handkerchief). She would just like to regain some of her lawn!

21 Apr, 2010


At that diameter I'd remove anyway and start with a nice new wee one - after adding lots of compost to the hole!

21 Apr, 2010


So would I but Mum gets rather attached. She doesn't mind giving them a "haircut" but hates to lose any. Anyway, it's something for her to think about. Thanks Moon grower.

21 Apr, 2010


Update - Mum has decided to leave well alone and live with it.
Trouble is muggings here has to rest the branches on my back while she rakes underneath! The things we do for our gardens! They're worth it though, I don't really mind, it's only once a year.

23 Apr, 2010


Why rake underneath... let everything compost down to feed the soil!

23 Apr, 2010


She is in her mid 80's and the garden keeps her active. She looks for work and feels good when she's done a lot of it. A bit of a perfectionist too. Mum gets depressed when she has nothing to do, she can't just sit and enjoy the garden, she has to be doing something to it! Her favourite birthday present from my dad when he was alive was a chainsaw!!
She's less than 5' tall and a workaholic, she puts me to shame! I enjoy just sitting and looking when I can but I enjoy the work when it's needed too.

25 Apr, 2010

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