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Was trying to help a member by giving her my vegetable plan that I did in a word doc. We can up load photos but not word doc. Anyone got a way round this?. Im trying to explain to her about rotation; and thought I would share mine in picture form



As her to give you her e-mail and send as an attachment. Alternatively turn your word doc into a pdf then you 'might' be able to upload.

21 Apr, 2010


I find you can copy and paste from a word document into the comments box.
highlight and ctrl c then back to the comment box and ctrl v.

21 Apr, 2010


How do I do that MG?, didn't know that could be done

21 Apr, 2010


SBG I did that lol it came out in bits, better than not at all I guess lol Didn't get the boxes at all!!. hopefully she got the gist of what I was talking about haha. I live and learn, even at 50 lol

21 Apr, 2010


Great go to print and then select pdf and follow the process. Trying to cut and paste a doc will just end up with a jumble of letters/words

21 Apr, 2010


Select edit in your word document then you should see the Select All in the gray drop down box click on this which will highlight all the text then click copy then paste the text into the comments box. If you use the edit and select all button then you are making sure that all the text is highlighted. If the pictures are part of your word document when you copy and paste into the comment box this will cause problems as the pictures will show up as large spaces thus your text will be all over the place a simple work around would be to copy and paste the text only into a new word document edit the text then copy and paste into the comment box. You can only convert word to pdf if you have office/word 2007 earlier versions of this application do not have this feature.

Hope this helps


21 Apr, 2010

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